A Woman's InJustice: The Novel

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There are harsh realities that come with the quest for love, and it’s seldom a Disney fairy tale. Everyone is either in love or searching for it. Whether or not the person’s life revolves around this is the question.
A Woman's InJustice is based in Brooklyn, New York, within the African-American community. Desiree Williams, a single mother of a 4 year-old boy, is tired of looking for Mr. Right. When she has just about given up on love completely, she runs into Justice Jones, an entrepreneur that lives in her neighborhood. She develops a passion for him but soon realizes that he is not all that he’s cracked up to be. She becomes entangled in his mind games and loses focus of the goals that she had set for herself.
After finding out that she is pregnant for Justice, she gets a phone call from his ex-girlfriend and she lets Desiree know that, she too, has a baby on the way. Justice’s fear of losing Desiree and his jealousy soon turns into abuse and neglect. Desiree is forced to make the decision about whether or not to keep the baby.
Her life becomes filled with one lie after the other and more drama than she can handle. She learns that being the other woman can sometimes turn around and bite you in the ass. The only persons that she can depend on to keep her sanity are her three close friends, Yvette (the promiscuous one), Stacey (the vengeful, short-tempered one), and Erica (the voice of reason).
This is an urban reality of betrayal committed against the heart. You will become entangled in the twist and turns of Desiree's endeavors that will make you both laugh and cry. Will she triumph or will she continue to be a victim of
A Woman's InJustice?

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