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A Woman's InJustice: The Novel

Book Excerpts


"I looked up to see a caramel-brown-skinned gentleman with full lips, outlined by a thin goatee. He had the most perfect, slanted, bedroom eyes and his hair was cut in a low Caesar. He stood about six feet two, with a slight hunch in his back ... his smile was perfect. His lips seemed to gently hug his teeth when he smiled..."

          - A Woman's InJustice, chapter 1


   "To add salt to the wound he reached around to the front of me and grabbed onto my neck with one hand and with the other hand he covered my mouth so that I couldn’t scream...

   He continued to thrust but harder this time. I prayed that I would just pass out from the pain but I didn’t..."

               - A Woman's InJustice, Chapter 6.






"Justice would’ve given me anything that my heart desired. The only drawback was that he didn’t realize that my heart desired to have him do right by me. My heart desired to have him to myself. I would’ve given up all of the gifts in the world to keep things right between us. Material things don’t satisfy the heart..."

         - A Woman's InJustice, Chapter 12.






"As he turned around, I sucked all of the blood that was in my nose down into my mouth, and spat it right in his face. Some of the clots of blood landed on his baby blue Lacoste shirt.

I took off running like the Road Runner. I was jumping three or four stairs at a time..."

          - A Woman's InJustice, Chapter 13.






"No matter how tough I was in other situations that dealt with strangers, in this one, all of my weaknesses came out. When I entered that cold, small room, and sat on the padded table, I could no longer hold back my tears. They began to flow uncontrollably when it was time to place my legs on the post, which kept my legs up and in a spread eagle position.

As the anesthesiologist prepared to put me to sleep, the nurse held my hand and tried to console me..."

           - A Woman's InJustice, Chapter 14. 



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